Husband and wife photographic team, Andoni & Arantxa photograph the latest campaign for French womenswear brand Claudie Pierlot.



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Welcome back to the new season with the latest editorial work by Andoni & Arantxa for German Flair Magazine.


Latest shoot by Andoni & Arantxa for French fashion brand Yves Salomon.


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Nothing better for a perfect shoot that an perfect casting. In this case that of the beautiful Mei Jiang for the latest look book for French womenswear brand Claudie Pierlot photographed by husband and wife duo Andoni & Arantxa.


Fast Management’s Andoni & Arantxa shoot for Italian Glamour the most impeccable style choices from the catwalks of Milan, Paris, and New York with sophisticated looks to please every desire.

news_a&a_italian glamour 1

news_a&a_italian glamour 2

news_a&a_italian glamour 3

news_a&a_italian glamour 4

news_a&a_italian glamour 5

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Husband and wife duo, Andoni&Arantxa shoot Russian model Irina Shayk best known for her work with Sports Illustrated Magazine and her debut acting role in Hercules alongside Dwayne Johnson, for the latest lingerie campaign of Italian brand Twin-Set.

NewsAndoni&ArantxaTwinSet2 NewsAndoni&ArantxaTwinSet3NewsAndoni&ArantxaTwinSet1


Andoni & Arantxa recently travelled to Dubai to shoot one more with the very stunning Olivia Palermo for the pages of the Gulf’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazine, Emirates Woman.


NewsAndoni&ArantxaOliviaPalermoEmiratesWoman1 NewsAndoni&ArantxaOliviaPalermoEmiratesWoman2 NewsAndoni&ArantxaOliviaPalermoEmiratesWoman3 NewsAndoni&ArantxaOliviaPalermoEmiratesWoman4 NewsAndoni&ArantxaOliviaPalermoEmiratesWoman5



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Andoni & Arantxa gave an overwhelming “I DO” when they shot model Maria Palm for the cover of Vogue Brides Spain.

NewsAndoni&ArantxaVogueBrides (1) NewsAndoni&ArantxaVogueBrides (2) NewsAndoni&ArantxaVogueBrides (3) NewsAndoni&ArantxaVogueBrides (4)


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Latest editorial by Andoni & Arantxa featuring male model to watch Liuk Bass.

NewsAndoniArantxaBoxer (1) NewsAndoniArantxaBoxer (2) NewsAndoniArantxaBoxer (3) NewsAndoniArantxaBoxer (4) NewsAndoniArantxaBoxer (5)


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Often we are asked by clients and industry professional about the personalities of our artist and their inspirations.

This is the first of a series of interviews that will be appearing in our pages with the view to sharing with you the sensitivity and artistry of our photographers.




Andoni & Arantxa are not only a twosome behind the camera, they are also a couple in private life. Both coming from Spain, they first got to know each other in Madrid before meeting again a few years later in San Sebastian. From then on the former musician and the former model were inseparable and started traveling the world.


Arantxa, when and where did you start working as a model? Arantxa: I was 17 and living in a very small town close to the Pyrenees. I was scouted by a model agent to take part in the elite model contest in Madrid what I just did. Before that, I had never thought fashion would be part of my life. But then everything completely changed. I first went to Barcelona, then Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. I couldn’t imagine my life now without fashion – I’ve been modeling for ten years. Instead of my earlier studies in northern Spain, I’ve been studying at the “University of Life” which is great.

Andoni, you worked as a musician in San Sebastian before. Why did you both decide to go into photography? Andoni: Well it actually just happened naturally. We were living in New York and did this amazing road trip for a month; taking pictures non-stop – we just fell in love with this way of life.

Did you later study photography or are you both completely self-taught? Arantxa: Back in New York we decided to take some basic lessons. It’s important to know the rules – even if you just want to break them. We went to a small school in Manhattan for about two months and had this amazing teacher, Inbal, who taught us what we needed to know. We still thank her today!

Is it always clear who is responsible for what? Andoni: As we started taking pictures together we’ve grown up with each other as photographers. And without thinking too much about it, ours roles in the team have gradually evolved.

Do you share the same taste in everything? Such as art, food and music? Arantxa: We really do. We both have a passion for Italian food and we love songs by Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Joy Division – just to name a few.

In one sentence: What makes a good team? Arantxa: Respect and mutual understanding. And in our case – more than anything – LOVE.


Interview by Julia Stelzner