We are delighted to be representing Jakarta based photographer and visual artists Melanie Tanusetiawan.

A graduate from the prestigious RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, Melanie is an accomplished photographer in the fields of interiors, hospitality and branding. Her wealth of experience brings to her clients strong aesthetic compositions together with highly conceptual photographic solution.


We are delighted to be representing Singapore based photographer Daniel Koh

Daniel is an artist specialising in architecture and interior photography. With an instinctive and spontaneous approach, Daniel strives to keep his work organic and genuine. Influenced by the beauty of natural light, shadows, lines and varying textures, Daniel’s work focuses on showcasing the realism and design of the project – conveying the message of how different elements can coexist to create a unique visual experience.


Fast Management’s Rui Faria photographs English singer-songwriter Celeste for the September issue of Vanity Fair.

In late 2019, she won both the Rising Star prize at the Brit Awards. The nominees are British artists who the academy believe will make the biggest impact on music in the coming year.

Nick Reilly from NME described Celeste as a “once-in-a-generation talent” who is “the finest British soul singer to emerge in years.” David Smyth from Evening Standard wrote, “it’s obvious she has it in her to join the wall of fame very soon.

Celeste will release her self-titled debut album in 2021.



Raul Docasar photograph’s the latest advertising campaign for Hong Kong’s leading dairy producer, Kowloon Daily as they celebrate their 80th anniversary.


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Fast Management is delighted to present the sale of works by our renowned artist, Eugenio Recuenco, from his critically acclaimed 365º exhibition exclusively to collectors in the Asia Pacific Region.

365º is a collection 365 images, 8 years in the making, 120 models, a team of 300 and the vision of a single artist.

365º is a journey through the last 50 years of our time, reflecting on our virtues and imperfections and a stroll in the memories of the exceptional mind of artist, Eugenio Recuenco.

365º is a review of contemporary history from the history of art to social networks. Photographs that play with space to deceive the senses, to arouse strong emotions and to encourage the viewer to form an opinion. In the analysis of reality, today’s society is placed in front of a mirror. 


Raul Docasar photographs the latest advertising campaign for Hong Kong’s, family owned and leading dairy producer, Kowloon Daily as they celebrate their 80th anniversary.


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Fast Management’s Diego Merino travelled to sunny Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to shoot the latest menswear campaign for British fashion retailer NEXT.


The 2017 Hong Kong Ballet Ball took place this past Friday at Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. This annual fundraising event celebrated the outstanding achievements of our home-grown and World-renowned dance company.

We are looking forward to meeting the generous bidder who won a coveted photoshoot with Fast Management’s fashion and celebrity photographer, John-Paul Pietrus, during the evening’s live auction carried out by Sotheby’s.

Your generous contribution will ensure that Hong Kong Ballet continues to delight audiences around the World.


National Geographic Channel shoots into space as the series MARS premieres internationally on November 13th.

Set in 2033 the series follows Earth’s first crewed mission to Mars.

In the miniseries, from Oscar winning Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, upon landing, the crew will immediately begin to secure a limited base camp and with the first human settlement established, the crew must sustain itself until future landings in 2035 and 2037. The carefully selected international crew of six are uniquely suited to take on this monumental step for humans, and are supported by the best team on the ground.

Fast Management’s latest artist, Jihae, plays Hana Seung a mission pilot and software engineer. Hana is a NASA-trained pilot. Hana and her twin sister, Joon, have dreamed of traveling into space since childhood, and Hana’s position as second in command on the mission to Mars is the result of a focused career.



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We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Glynn-Smith, our latest artist, to Fast Management.

Jonathan Glynn-Smith’s photography has spearheaded advertising campaigns, books and exhibitions for some of the worlds leading blue chip clients. His evocative and timeless images have inspired magazine editors, luxury brands and his viewers for nearly two decades.

Uninhibited, but with a unique clarity of vision, he brings a wealth of personal experience and reference to his pictures.

“My lens is a two way tool – the superficial image on one side and my own instinctive need for authenticity on the other”.

Behind the sheer beauty of his images, there is a cerebral layer of personal experience which informs all he does. As one onlooker commented after seeing his Paris “Winds and Sails” exhibition for Louis Vuitton – “You know that this man has sailed the worlds toughest seas – no one else could produce pictures of this calibre.”

From Vogue covers to Bentley adverts – it’s more than just the photograph.

Jonathan Glynn-Smith infuses his work with his own lust for life.