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Richard Ramos shots the charming Luke Evans for the pages of Prestige Magazine Hong Kong.

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Fast Management photographer Kal Griffig directs No.47 for ID Magazine Online.

The film tells the story of a relationship. He loves her more than she loves him. And when they part she comes out stronger than he does. From my experience it seems a common pattern in relationships and break ups, one is left stronger than the other. Music was a great inspiration to this project. Not the kind of music that you actually listen to, but the one that plays in the background and subconsciously influences your mood. The idea of combining music and film was about watching an argument between two people but not hearing what they’re saying. So you sit in a café at the window facing the street. No street noise comes in and all you hear is the murmuring of voices, dishes and background music from the space you sit in. But outside on the street a couple argues. What happens in front of you is visually very heavy and emotional, you feel with it, although you can’t hear their words.

The title ‘No.47′ comes from Joseph Haydn – Sonata No.47 b-minor. It is a very lively piece but it masks emotion. It doesn’t make you happy or sad, maybe just a slight bit aggravated. The music was composed just for the film. It was a very close collaboration between the composer and Kal himself.


Yuval Hen shoots for the Financial Times’ How to Spend It Magazine a tale of a modern-day Tsarina and her dashing soldier.

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