Fast Management photographer  Raul Docasar’s latest shoot for Post Magazine features the most beautiful of statement pieces from the leading high jewellery names.

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During the second edition of L’ECOLE Van Cleef & Arpels which run in Hong Kong from the 4th to the 14th of March, the venerable Maison introduced a Legacy Programme.

Van Cleef & Arpels invited each of their distinguished comittee members to nominate one candidate to participarte . This competition was open to young gifted artists from Hong Kong in any field, who were asked to interpret jewellery in the context of Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends in the perspective of Hong Kong.

We at Fast Management were delighted when PJ Lam was announced as one of the winners having been  selected by Ms Pansy Ho as her candidate

The Legend that inspired her shoot was that of Ching Shih and Cheung Po Tsai.

Ching Shih was a prominent Cantonese pirate and probably the only female pirate leader of her time. Her fleet terrorized the China Sea in the early 19th century. She commanded over 300 junks manned by reportedly 40,000 pirates. She challenged the empires of the time, such as the British, Portuguese, Japanese and the Qing dynasty. Undefeated, she would become one of Asia’s strongest pirates.

PJ Lam told us:

“The scene I wanted to capture was that of Ching Shih declaring her love for Cheung Po Tsai, whom she would later marry, in giving him her most valuable and cherished piece of jewellery. The piece of jewellery is symbolism for the most powerful fleet of pirates which is in fact what Ching Shih handed over to her soon to be new husband upon their nuptials. It is also a Chinese traditional way of passing the most precious heritage item to the person who continue one’s legacy”.








Chinese-inspired fine jewellery brand Qeelin has since its inception in 2014 embrace the evocative myths of the East, creating lavish fine jewellery that is abundant in symbolism.

For their latest visuals the brand turns to the lens of Fast Management’s JC de Marcos to capture their beautiful collections.

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Our latest addition to Fast Management, Hong Kong born photographer, PJ Lam was recently commissioned by Geneva based luxury brand Charriol to shoot the campaign for their latest accessories line.

Styled and art directed by Denise Ho here are the first set of images from their first collaboration together.

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The American comedian W.C. Fields is credited with the line “Never work with children or animals” . We do both at Fast Management and thoroughly enjoy the process. For our latest shoot for Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, our photographer JC de Marcos found himself surrounded with a dynasty of award winning Poodle champions whose delicate demeanour surprised us all when shooting the most precious of jewellery pieces.

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We were delighted to have the pleasure to shoot Korean actress in Paris for a Van Cleef & Arpels special in the 10th anniversary issue of Prestige Magazine.

We definitely think that after these pictures by Fast Management’s Richard Ramos are out, Ms Bae will be in huge demand by many of the luxury brands. Congratulations to Van Cleef & Arpels for having the forethought.

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Richard Ramos shoots Olivia Palermo as the face of Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera.

Richard Ramos Olivia Palermo.001


In April 2013, Olivia Palermo was selected to be the face of Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera’s latest collection, called ‘Tesoros del Imperio’ shot by Fast Management’s Richard Ramos.

Olivia Palermo takes time from the shoot to talk in depth about her personal style choices, her favorite pieces from the collection, and what inspires her in her daily life. Watch as Palermo lends her knowledge and passion to Carrera y Carrera to enhance the natural glamour and allure of their covetable collection.