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Fast Management photographer Yuval Hen shoots a campaign in honour of Aveda’s Earth Month 2016.

Since 1999, Aveda has raised more than $44 million USD for projects that support environmental causes, with over $38 million going towards clean water initiatives.

Yuval’s image, featuring a model wearing upcycled water bottles, promotes clean water protection in cooperation with Aveda’s “catwalk for water” fashion shows. #catwalkforwater


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We love our photographer and dear friend John-Paul Pietrus because he never stops thinking of how to help others through, the sale of his work, when help is truly needed.

Two years ago he teamed up with Naomi Campbell on a charity print sale to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, when the print run was exhausted he carried on by bringing on board supermodels Mariacarla Boscono, Tao Okamoto, Fei Fei Sun, Andrej Pejic, Rob Evans and Tian Yi who paired with him in the sale of images he had taken of them and continued in his fundraising activities.

Earlier this year, he teamed up with Cindy Crawford and produced and limited edition of ten images of Cindy herself, signed by both him and her with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

And now, following a recent trip to Belgrade where he saw, first hand, the current refugee crisis and the plight of thousands in search of safety for their families, he decided to reach out to models Coco Rocha and Filip Hrivnak who kindly agreed to support and endorse his appeal.

50 gallery archival prints on 11 X 14 in matte paper will be made available for each model. Filip’s cause goes to the British Red Cross while Coco’s goes to UNICEF. Each print is sold for 50 GBP and one can get the two prints for 85 GBP if purchased at once (plus shipping and handling on top).

Proceeds of the charity drive will be posted on his Instagram @johnpaulpietrus.