National Geographic Channel shoots into space as the series MARS premieres internationally on November 13th.

Set in 2033 the series follows Earth’s first crewed mission to Mars.

In the miniseries, from Oscar winning Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, upon landing, the crew will immediately begin to secure a limited base camp and with the first human settlement established, the crew must sustain itself until future landings in 2035 and 2037. The carefully selected international crew of six are uniquely suited to take on this monumental step for humans, and are supported by the best team on the ground.

Fast Management’s latest artist, Jihae, plays Hana Seung a mission pilot and software engineer. Hana is a NASA-trained pilot. Hana and her twin sister, Joon, have dreamed of traveling into space since childhood, and Hana’s position as second in command on the mission to Mars is the result of a focused career.