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We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Glynn-Smith, our latest artist, to Fast Management.

Jonathan Glynn-Smith’s photography has spearheaded advertising campaigns, books and exhibitions for some of the worlds leading blue chip clients. His evocative and timeless images have inspired magazine editors, luxury brands and his viewers for nearly two decades.

Uninhibited, but with a unique clarity of vision, he brings a wealth of personal experience and reference to his pictures.

“My lens is a two way tool – the superficial image on one side and my own instinctive need for authenticity on the other”.

Behind the sheer beauty of his images, there is a cerebral layer of personal experience which informs all he does. As one onlooker commented after seeing his Paris “Winds and Sails” exhibition for Louis Vuitton – “You know that this man has sailed the worlds toughest seas – no one else could produce pictures of this calibre.”

From Vogue covers to Bentley adverts – it’s more than just the photograph.

Jonathan Glynn-Smith infuses his work with his own lust for life.