The long awaited moment has arrived and we can share with you the trailer to The Second Defeat a film by Eugenio Recuenco.

At the end of 2014, Eugenio Recuenco and Eric Dover started a crowdfunding towards the production costs of making their movie The Second Defeat based on the book, Los Girasoles Ciegos (The Blind Sunflowers) by Spanish writer Alberto Méndez.

This crowdfunding was aimed at equipping the professionals who would worked on this project with the necessary tools to ensure that their creativity and eagerness was not betrayed by a tight budget, thus allowing them the freedom to do the true justice this project truly deserved.

This short film has a special feature. When SOGECINE and Jose Luis Cuerda selflessly assigned the rights of Alberto Méndez’s book, their sole condition was that the project had a non-profit nature. Therefore it was decided that , if the crowdfunding target budget of €205,000 was exceeded the surplus amount will be allocated to DYES, an NGO that works in countries like Sierra Leone, Chad and the Ivory Coast promoting education and sport as elements of peace and development, and helping to rehabilitate child soldiers.

The Second Defeat, is a breathtaking story dealing with a young poet who escaped from the victors of a terrible war to the mountains together with his pregnant wife. In this lonely and cold scenario, the young woman gives birth to a child and dies right after. Thanks to a private diary, where the man puts his fear into words, we can picture the background of the futile fight of the father to save his son’s life.

Filming started in January of 2015.

For more information on the movie, background to the story and its director as well as how to part of this beautiful project and donate through the crowdfunding follow the link;